Capacity Building Gains More Momentum in Egyptian Oil & Gas Sector

Capacity Building Gains More Momentum in Egyptian Oil & Gas Sector

Capacity building as well as developing effective and efficient human resources were on top of Egypt’s agenda while preparing for vision 2030. In this regard, the Egyptian government is undertaking a series of investments, capacity building, and training programs which were closely followed up by the political leadership.

Throughout the past years, the Egyptian petroleum sector was a pioneer in adopting capacity building initiatives. Capacity building was at the heart of the modernization program launched by the ministry, which aims to develop the sector. Launching a Middle Management program and an Energy Efficiency Capacity Building program was part of the continuous efforts by the ministry to ensure equipping its cadres with the necessary capabilities. On its way to build the capacity of its cadres, the Egyptian petroleum sector was keen to establish several fruitful partnerships with international partners including the European Union and a number of international oil companies (IOCs).

This tendency towards partnerships with IOCs in capacity building initiatives gained new momentum this year during the Egypt Petroleum Show (EGYPS 2022), which not only witnessed the seal of middle management deals but also the signing of several memoranda of understanding (MoUs) for capacity building.

Functional simulation

Functional simulation is an effective way of learning in the oil and gas sector. This training provides true-to-life experience and environments similar to real-life work. To make use of this effective way of learning to enhance the capabilities of human cadres in the Egyptian oil and gas sector, several public sector companies signed a multilateral MoU with Shell. Through the MoU with Shell, the trainees will receive comprehensive training that includes a number of sessions that feature potential job simulations with Shell’s experienced employees. This simulation is set to provide participants with expertise that enhance their capabilities. Moreover, the MoU provides training programs targeting selected participants and provided by Shell employees inside the company itself.

The training will also include programs that are provided by foreign experts in different locations across Egypt or abroad. The MoU provides additional training and learning units that are set to be developed by the parties based on the needs and benefits decided by the chosen participants. Accordingly, the Shell MoU will prepare the sector’s workforce to be ready for any challenging situation across their career path.

Youth and Middle Management

The capacity building programs conducted in the Egyptian oil and gas sector assimilate the Middle Management program, which is part of the MoP’s Modernization Program. In line with the capacity building program, the MoP signed a strategic MoU with Kuwait Energy Company for supporting young leaders and middle management.

“Kuwait Energy Egypt continues the sustained commitment towards the support of the modernization program that has been initiated by H.E. Eng. Tarek El Molla two years back. It comes out of our belief that this will help Egypt to achieve its major target of being a regional energy hub which requires different mentalities and challenging capabilities, and our responsibility is to build these capabilities together with the ministry,” Kuwait Energy’s President, Kamel Al Sawi, previously commented.

Accordingly, the MoU ensures the launching of the second phase of the training program in its new edition as a resumption of the success of the first phase, which was sponsored in 2019 by Kuwait Energy Egypt. The program supported 10 high potential talented participants with six months of intensive developmental training, taking around 2,500 learning hours per participant.

Through the different types of training and the support of prominent partners, Egypt is walking the capacity building path smoothly as it reaches its goals. The capacity building program is set to enhance the knowledge and performance of the sector’s employees to give them the needed mindset to ensure the sector’s efficiency and success.

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