Project Overview

  • Location: Petreco, Sinai, adjacent to the Gulf of Suez.
  • Existing plant separation units are not achieving the required oil/water separation due to increasing water cut (80%) and aging of the equipment (20 years).
  • Meeting the increased production of the plant (200 KBPD vs. 90 KPBD current capacity).
  • Enhancing the quality of export oil.
  • Enhancing the quality of wastewater by removing residuals to reduce the load on the existing water treatment plant.

Project Purpose

  • Improving the separation of oil from produced water.
  • Maneuvering to maintain the old trains.
  • To meet the requirements for current and future production.

Project Configuration

  • The new train is designed to handle 100 KBPD (plus 10% design margin).
  • The project process equipment are as follow:
  1. New inlet manifold.
  2. Three oil/oil heat exchanger banks each one consists of six exchangers.
  3. Three phase separator.
  4. Crude oil transfer pumps.
  5. Gas boot (100,000 bbl/d).
  6. New settling tank (G.B-03) with capacity of 10,000 M3.
  7. New thermal oil system consists of (No.2 heaters, thermal oil storage tank, thermal oil circulation pumps, thermal oil expansion vessel, thermal oil make up pumps, thermal oil drain system and dedicated nitrogen generation system).
  8. Instrument air package.
  9. Chemical injection package.
  10. New substation and control building associated with HVAC and FM200 extinguishing system.

Project Status

  • The new train was completed and put in service in April 2014, with 85,000 bbls/d as the gross rate.
  •  The total cost for the train is $80,000 USD.