Beam Pumping System for Deep & High Volume Wells

Worldwide there are over 949,550 producing oil wells, about 93% of these wells are operated using different artificial lift methods and roughly over 72% are producing using beam pumping system.
In the past, the ability of beam pumping systems to produce high volumes from deep wells was limited due to two main reasons: (1) the high rod and fluid loads, and (2) the lack of deep understanding of the behavior of complex sucker rod system and the involved nature of the reservoir with its contained fluids and inflow performance.
Nowadays, the existence of the following elements led to producing high volumes of production from deep wells: (1) development of relatively long stroke enhanced geometry pumping units with good quality, high tensile strength sucker rods and more accurate predictive software, (2) accurate on-site monitoring and control tools, and (3) pumping using large plungers with high pumping speeds.
This study was undertaken using advanced predictive software (SROD), high strength rods, optimum pumping mode, and unit geometry to design beam pumping system for deep and high volume oil wells.

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