Al Amal Program completes its 5th round successfully

The Al Amal Program was initiated in 2007 and developed by a team of experts from diverse oil and gas companies, universities and other Egyptian corporations.  It is organized by the Egyptian Geophysical Society (EGS) and EPEX. The project was designed to fill any gap between industry and academia to help top graduates find their way to the market. The program also aims to help petroleum companies select the qualified and high caliber candidates for future positions in the Egyptian oil and natural gas sector.

One of the basic objectives of the program is to select the top university graduates and enroll them in a two-month program, which includes technical and non-technical sessions, safety and English courses, as well as field trips to various project sites.  Since it’s inception the program has proved successful with 160 top graduates. Currently, Al Amal Program has successfully completed its 5th round and achieved worldwide recognition.

In an ambitious attempt to enhance education, skills and development, Apache, BP and Shell have supported the program since 2007. The program utilizes numerous volunteers from various oil and gas companies, universities and industry experts.

Engineer Abdullah Ghorab, Former Minster of Petroleum, recently attended a celebration of Al Amals’ success.  Along with several industry leaders Ghorab expressed his full support of the program and relayed goals to implement similar programs in Egyptian Universities. Numerous Al Amal Program graduates are now working in many of the world’s leading oil and gas companies in Egypt and abroad.

By: Julie Herick


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