Yemen | Egypt Oil & Gas - Part 2

South Yemen Oil Production May Resume in April

Austrian oil company OMV has signaled that oil production could resume in south Yemen in April 2018.

Houthis Threaten Oil Tankers of “Aggressor” Nations

Yemen’s Houthi rebels once again threatened oil tankers passing along Yemen’s strategic western coast.

Glencore to Ship Oil from Yemen

Yemen will export its first crude oil shipment since August later January, according to fixture list data showing Glencore has booked an oil tanker, to dock in Yemen.

Al Qaeda Attacked Yemen’s Gas Export Pipeline

Terror militants affiliated with Al Qaeda blew up Yemen's only gas export pipeline early December.

Iraqi Boosted Oil Output by 5,600b/d

Kuwait Energy Plc announced that the company has brought Faihaa-2 well's production online. The well is situated in the Block 9 concession, in Basra , Southern Iraq.

Aden Oil Refinery Reopened

Yemen's Aden oil refinery resumed operations, after shutting down for more than a year due to political unrest. The facility is currently operating at half its capacity, refining 66,000t from the 1m barrels crude rec ...

Yemen Resumed Oil, Gas Production and Exports

Yemen has resumed production and exports from its Masila oilfields for the first time since a civil war began in March 2015.

Yemen Refinery Pipelines Hit by Roadside Bomb

Yemeni oil pipelines connecting storage tanks at the southern port of Aden and the city's 150,000b/d refinery were hit by an explosion caused by a roadside bomb on January 15th, causing no damage to the refinery itse ...

Yemen Refinery Resumes Operations as Conflict Brews

Yemen's 150,000 b/d Aden refinery resumed operations after being shut for more than five months

Iran-GCC Tensions Mount Over Khamenei’s Yemen Remarks

Iran will help oppressed people in the region, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Saturday, days after Gulf Arab leaders met U.S. President Barack Obama and expressed concern about Iranian expansionism.

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