USA | Egypt Oil & Gas - Part 2

Europe Receives Second LNG Cargo from USA

A cargo of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the US has arrived at Spain’s Murgados LNG import terminal, making it only the second cargo to reach the European market since US LNG exports began at the end of February 2016.

36 Oil Tanks Catch Fire in New Mexico, USA

A massive fire broke out at an oil field operated by WPX Energy, in San Juan County, New Mexico. The fire caused several explosions that led to the closing of the nearby highways and forced the local residents out of ...

Crimson Crude Pipeline in California Leaks 29,000 Gallons

An oil spill has leaked over 29,000 gallons, or 700 barrels, of crude from a pipeline into a canyon in Ventura County, California. The spilled oil is expected to have flowed for at least a quarter-mile in the canyon, ...

Enterprise to Construct New Natural Gas Processing Facility

The American natural gas and crude oil pipeline company, Enterprise Products Partners L.P., has announced plans to construct a new cryogenic natural gas processing facility, along with the natural gas and natural gas ...

Japan Eyes New Oil Suppliers

Japanese oil companies are expanding their network of crude oil suppliers, becoming less dependent on the Middle Eastern imports.

Shell Spills Nearly 2,100 Barrels of Oil into Gulf of Mexico

An oil spill from Royal Dutch Shell’s offshore Brutus platform has released 2,100 barrels of crude oil (88,200 gallons) into the US Gulf of Mexico.

US LNG New Trade Could Trigger Price War in Europe

Portuguese Galp Energia has bought the first European cargo loaded with US natural gas. According to experts, this is the first shipment in a trade relationship that could shake up the European market.

White House Removes Nuclear Sanctions on Iran

The White House announced that President Barack Obama had signed an executive order lifting the US economic sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program.

UAE to Withstand US Crude Exports Unaffected

In the aftermath of America's landmark decision to remove the ban on crude oil exports, UAE's Minister of Energy, Suhail bin Mohammed Faraj Faris Al Mazrouei said that the move would not affect market fundamentals or ...

Russia to ask UN for Sovereignty Over Arctic Platform

The Russian Ministry of Mineral Resources announced that it is presenting a claim for expanding the continental platform in the Arctic Ocean, in over a million square meters.

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