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Egypt to Pump 150mcf of Gas to Factories during April

150mcf of LNG were decided to be pumped to the stumbling factories during April.

Egypt to Boost Gas Production

Egypt's Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources has approved its new plan, which includes developing the discovered gas fields, connecting them to the daily production forces, and increasing natural gas productio ...

Egypt to Stop Burning Natural Gas by July

Egypt decided to stop burning natural gas in fields across Egypt starting July.

Aramco Resorts to Gasoil Spot Markets for Summer Power Needs

Saudi Aramco bought more than 1 million barrels of gasoil for July in the spot market despite new refining capacity, as hot summer weather boosts power demand for airconditioning

Multiple Energy Sources to Bolster Summertime Power

Ministry of Electricity plans to add 3,600 MW of electrical energy in summer

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