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Egypt to Pump 150mcf of Gas to Factories during April

150mcf of LNG were decided to be pumped to the stumbling factories during April.

Nigeria to Consider Shutting Its Biggest Power Station

Nigeria might shutdown the nation’s largest power station amid liquidity and gas supply issues threatening operations at the facility.

Egypt to Launch a $500m Power Plant in Qaliyubia

Egypt has opened a 750 megawatt power plant in the northern outskirts of Cairo, the cabinet said on Tuesday, as the country tries to stave off power cuts that have plagued Egyptians' lives and businesses in the summe ...

Egypt Signs $27.6m Deal to build Transformer Station

Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company (EETC) signed on Thursday a deal to establish a transformer station worth 210.8 million pounds (US$27.6 million) in the Suez Canal region.

Iran to Meet Iraq Power Shortages with Gas Pipeline

Iran has moved closer to starting crucial natural gas exports to Iraq.

Egypt to Shift Focus to Renewables

The government announced a string of plans to add a combined capacity of 4.3 gigawatt hours to the country's grid and the introduction of a new feed-in tariff system aimed at encouraging private investment.

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