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Al-Ghadban Reviews Car Conversion Project Updates

The Governor of Port Said, Adel Al-Ghadban, has met with several companies to review the latest developments in converting vehicles to run on natural gas.

Gastec Succeeds in Conversion of Heavy-goods Vehicle to Run on Natural Gas

The Egyptian International Gas Technology (Gastec) has succeeded in the first-ever experiment of converting a diesel-run heavy-goods vehicle to run on natural gas in Egypt.

Auto Manufacturers Request Delay of Natural Gas Transition

Automobile manufacturers request a three to four months period before implementing the mass dual-fuel (natural gas/diesel) engine transition.

Gastec Converts 320,000 Cars to Run on Natural Gas

Approximately 320,000 cars have been converted to run on natural gas-based fuel instead of gasoline.

MoP to Convert 147,000 Vehicles to Run on Natural Gas

In collaboration with the Minister of Trade and Industry, the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources aims to convert 147,000 gasoline-based vehicles to natural gas-based vehicles in three years, valued at EGP ...

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