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Egypt Achieves a Leap in Delivering Natural Gas to Rural Areas

The Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources has announced that it has made remarkable achievements in delivering natural gas to the Egyptian country sides as part of Haya Karima ("Decent Life) initiative.

Modern Gas Lights First Natural Gas Flame in Sohag’s Asakra Village

Modern Gas announced the launch of the first natural gas burner in the first housing unit in Asakra village in Sohag, as part of the first phase of Haya Karima ("Decent Life') and the national project for developi ...

Egypt Delivers Natural Gas to 8M Housing Units in Nine Years

The Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources has succeeded to deliver natural gas to 8 million housing units in nine years which represents 56% of the total number of houses connected to the natural gas since 1 ...

Egypt Allocates EGP 3.5B for Natural Gas Deliveries in FY 2023/24 Budget

The Ministry of Finance announced that EGP 3.5 billion will be allocated to cover the costs of delivering natural gas to Egyptian households in its FY 2023/24 budget.

Town Gas Achieves Revenues Worth EGP 3.2B in 2022

Town Gas announced that it has achieved revenues of EGP 3.2 billion in addition to a net profit worth more than EGP 72 million during 2022.

Modern Gas Connects Natural Gas to Three New Villages in Qina

Modern Gas Company announced that it has connected natural gas for the first time to households in villages of Harageya, Kirateya, and Maqrabeyah located in Qus city at Qina.

El Molla: 14M Households Connected to Natural Gas

Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Tarek El Molla announced that about 60% of the households to which natural gas was connected over the past 42 years have been achieved during the last eight years alone, ...

Egypt Installs 1.4M Prepaid Natural Gas Meters

In the implementation of the state's directives to expand the use of prepaid meters in all state utilities to raise the efficiency of collecting state dues, about 1.4 million meters have been installed so far.

Egypt Allocates EGP 3.5B to Deliver Natural Gas in FY 2022/23 Budget

The Egyptian Finance Ministry announced that the country has allocated EGP3.5 billion in its budget of the fiscal year (FY) 2022/23 to deliver natural gas to the households.

Egypt Extends National Gas Grid by 7,224 KM in 9 Months

As a part of the Hayah Karima (decent life) presidential initiative, Egypt has connected 86 villages to natural gas grid. Additionally, the main gas networks are currently being extended to serve about 476,000 cus ...

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