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Petrofac Successfully Integrates Kuwait Oil’s New Control Center

Petrofac Company announced that its Lower Fars heavy oil development project team has successfully completed integration of the new Crude Oil Control Center of Kuwait Oil Company by using its updated technology an ...

Kuwait Makes Three New Oil Discoveries

The Kuwaiti Minister of Oil, Electricity and Water, Mohammed Al-Faris announced the discovery of three new oil fields in different regions of the country for Kuwait Oil Company (KOC).

KOC, Halliburton Sign $597 MM E&P Agreement

Kuwait Oil Company signed a $597 million contract with Halliburton for offshore exploration and production in Kuwait.

Abu Dhabi’s NPCC Awarded $231M Kuwait Oil Construction Contract

Abu Dhabi's National Petroleum Construction Co. (NPCC) announced on October 2 that it had won a $231 million construction contract from the Kuwait Oil Company.

Kuwait Extracts Light Crude From Jurassic Production Units

Kuwait Oil Company has separated and extracted light crude oil from Jurassic production.

Kuwait Pioneers Extraction Technique in the ME

Kuwait Oil Company announced the use of a new technique to extract heavy crude from complex oil reservoirs.

Kuwait Seeking Crude Output Boost at 3.165mb/d by 2017

Kuwait Oil Company will soon offer contracts for offshore rigs and support services to drill its first undersea wells as the Gulf nation tries to boost crude output to the highest level in more than four decades.

Kuwait Oil Company Discovers New Oil&Gas Field

Kuwait Oil Company, the government-owned holding company, said it has discovered a new oil and gas field in the al-Jathatheel region, in the western part of the country.

No leakage at oil installations- KOC

Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) on Tuesday emphatically denied rumours on social media sites about purported oil leakage at some installations.

Burgan accounts for half of Kuwait output

Half of Kuwaits oil production comes from Burgan, the second largest oilfield in the world, a senior oil official said in published remarks.

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