Kuwait Makes Three New Oil Discoveries

Kuwait Makes Three New Oil Discoveries

The Kuwaiti Minister of Oil, Electricity and Water, Mohammed Al-Faris, announced the discovery of three new oil fields in different regions across the country, made by Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), according to statement reported by KUNA.

The minister said that the first discovery was in a field northwest of the country and the second was in Al-Qash’aniya north Kuwait, while the third was an extension for the northern part of the Great Burgan field within the framework of the development operations.

Al-Faris added that the discoveries have a great economic importance as it sheds light on the undiscovered areas in the western and northwest parts of Kuwait which will contribute to increasing oil reserves and production capacity according to KOC’s 2040 Strategic Plan.

Additionally, he elaborated that a conventional oil field was discovered in the north of the Great Burgan field as a result of drilling several wells during 2020 to determine the extent of the field. Commercial quantities of oil flowed reaching more than 2,000 barrels per day (bbl/d).

The minister said that these results give KOC access to easy and low-cost reserves, noting that the company will drill new wells in the discovered fields to enhance production.


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