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Egypt Pays EGP 60.1 B in Fuel Subsidies in 9 Months

Fuel subsidies cost thus decreased by 28.45% compared to the EGP 84 billion paid in the first nine months of FY 2017/18.

Egypt Spends EGP 45B on Fuel Subsidies in H1 2018/19

Egypt has spent around EGP 45 billion on fuel subsidies during the first half of fiscal year (FY) 2018/19, Minister of Petroleum Tarek El Molla has said.

ERC Allocates $3 M Annually for Social Projects

The Egyptian Refining Company has conducted assessments of the economic and educational needs of residents living in the neighborhood adjacent to the company.

Electricity Receives EGP 3 B from Subsidies Allocations

The Egyptian Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy received EGP 3 billion late December as a part of the amounts allocated for electricity subsidies.

TransGlobe Energy Allocates $29.1 M for Egypt in 2018 Budget

TransGlobe Energy Corporation has announced its 2018 capital budget allocating $29.1 million for operations in Egypt and $12.2 million in Canada.

Egypt Allocates EGP 57M for Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority

Egypt allocated total EGP 57 million for the Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority (EAEA) in fiscal year 2017/2018.

Egypt Allocates Fuel Subsidies in 2017/2018 Budget

Egypt allocated EGP 145b for fuel subsidies in the budget of fiscal year 2017/2018.

Egypt to Stop Energy Allocations in 5 Years

Egypt lift fuel subsidies over 5 years to reach zero allocations in the Egyptian budget. The allocations will be used for other fields, such as education and health.

Finance Ministry Increases Cash Allocation to Oil Ministry

Egypt increased the Ministry of Petroleum's allocations from Finance Ministry to be $1b.

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