TransGlobe Energy Corporation has announced its 2018 capital budget allocating $29.1 million for operations in Egypt and $12.2 million in Canada, Egypt Oil & Gas reports.

TransGlobe Energy has allocated $11.8 million for exploration, focused mainly on the Egyptian Western Desert, and $17.3 million to the development of wells in Egypt’s Eastern Desert.

The company plans to execute five exploration wells in 2018: two wells in South Ghazalat, tw0 wells in NW Sitra, and one well in South Alemein. Additionally, eight development wells are targeted in the Eastern Desert, including five wells in West Bakr, two in NW Gharib, and one well in West Gharib. TrasGlobe further targets development and maintenance projects in NW Gharib, West Gharib, and West Bakr.

In 2018, the company eyes growth in output from the Eastern Desert wells, and targets evaluating its more than 1 million acres of exploration lands.

The firm will test an independent structure at South Alamein in order to prove up additional oil reserves. TransGlobe further plans to conduct tests on four independent structures on N.W. Sitra and South Ghazalat.

The company has not budgeted any production from the Western Desert assets in 2018.