Wearable Patch to Protect Chevron Offshore Workers from Heat Stress

Wearable Patch to Protect Chevron Offshore Workers from Heat Stress

Chevron employees could soon be able to see more than just the time of day by glancing at their phones; they will also be notified when they are at risk of experiencing heat stress. Using a wearable biometric device paired with a smartphone, they are bringing this new type of personal protective equipment (PPE) to their offshore workers.

Those who overexert themselves in precarious conditions are at risk of heat stress. Real-time analysis of data can flag heat stress triggers using the biometric device – essentially a skin patch with sensors. Workers are alerted when they need to take a break, hydrate, or move to a shaded area when sweat and electrolyte loss are detected.

According to data, outdoor workers face an increased risk of suffering from heat strain, which can be fatal. In the U.S., approximately 600 heat-related deaths occur each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In 2018, Chevron discovered a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based startup named Epicore Biosystems, which offers heat stress protection for offshore Gulf of Mexico workers. Together with Epicore, we developed a wearable patch that monitors biomarkers of dehydration in 2020.


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