VetcoGray Converts Well to Subsea System in Gulf of Suez

VetcoGray has applied its latest technology to overcome unique challenges, reduce project costs and risks, and successfully convert an exploration well to full production service at Agiba Petroleum Company’s West Ashrafi hydrocarbon facility in Egypt’s Gulf of Suez, Red Sea.
The project marks the first time that VetcoGray has converted a mudline exploration system to an SG-1 wellhead subsea system for production duty. The newly converted well entered service in April of this year.
"The new conversion system removed the need for Agiba Petroleum to re-enter the reservoir from a new wellhead, as this had proven difficult during the exploration phase. This solution therefore removed significant cost and risk from the project," said Willie Bryson, VetcoGray’s Product Line Manager for Tree on Mudline.
"When the West Ashrafi well conversion was first envisioned, a number of technical challenges were identified that could have affected the viability of the project," he added. "VetcoGray worked closely with our customer to complete a feasibility study, which concluded that all of the challenges could be overcome. VetcoGray subsequently executed the engineering and construction of the conversion system, and supported the final installation through our Global Services division."
Additional challenges for the project included the distance between the beach-mounted topside equipment (umbilical termination and hydraulic power units,) and the master control station, which was located a kilometer away. A separate communications and power system was used to achieve the subsea communications, while fiber optic communications were utilized between the HPU/TUTU and the MCS.
"Our primary concern was making sure the project went according to plan and that we were able to get the new system on stream smoothly," said Marco Solca and Mohamed Mokhtar, Agiba – Project General Managers.
Enrico Salardi, ENI-Project Manager, Offshore Egyptian Developments, added, "Thanks to the strong teamwork among the project participants, this was accomplished."



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