GANOPE and Italian Eni’s total exploration production for the beginning of 2015 amounted to 2530 barrels of light crude oil per day.

The Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources announced that: “GANOPE has made a new petroleum find – the Malak find – on February 27 in its concession area in the south of Egypt, to the west of the Ish Al-Malaha area which belongs to British firm Aminex, 30 km from Hurghada. Initial figures showed production at 430 barrels per day of high quality, light crude oil. The crude is of the API 40 grade and reserves are estimated at about 9.6 million barrels.

The Ministry said that on January 20 Eni had announced its own new oil find in deep Garb Miliha area in the Milaha development area in the Western Desert, approximately 300 km west of the city of Alexandria. The well is already produces 2100 barrels of oil per day.

Source: Egypt Oil and Gas