Ugandan power distributor, Umeme, expects to expand its customer base from the current 790,000 customers to 1m in 2016, The East African reports. The company will invest between $80m and $120m over the next 12 months in order to connect the additional 200,000 customers to its prepaid meter system, according to Umeme’s COO, Florence Nsubuga.

The Ugandan government is making investments in the state’s electricity infrastructure amid concerns over the country’s capacity to absorb the additional output.

Uganda’s electricity subsector has an installed capacity of 850MW – but only 630MW is currently in use due to the small number of people connected to the grid (14.8% in mid-2015), largely due to gaps in Uganda’s transmission and distribution infrastructure. Another 780MW in capacity is expected to come online this year with the addition of the Karuma (600MW) and Isimba (183MW) projects.