Technology for New boundaries

Schlumberger Wireline organized their New Technology seminar for 2010 in the Fairmont Towers Hotel – Heliopolis, last month. The yearly-event, prepared by the Paris headquarters and the Wireline team in Egypt, is held to introduce Schlumberger’s latest technologies related to electrical wireline logging with cases studies from the region and worldwide.

The two days event was held by worldwide experts from Houston, Cambridge, Paris, Abu Dhabi and Cairo; among them was Mr. Joe Khoury, Business Development Manager – Deep Reading, Mr. James White, Petrophysics Domain Champion and Mr. Ahmed EL-Toukhy, Schlumberger Tractors & Mechanical Intervention Product Champion.

“The mutual contributions and knowledge sharing between all participants and Schlumberger experts made this event an outstanding success, “Mr. Jallel Bendjaballah, Wireline Sales and Marketing Manager in East Africa and Mediterranean, told Egypt Oil and Gas.

“The seminar was attended by more than 150 technical experts representing more than 50 Oil Companies from Egypt and Syria.”

The event covered new technologies in the petrophysics, geophysics, well integrity and perforation domains, in addition to tractors and mechanical intervention techniques. The highlight of the event was the launching of 3 new technologies for the first time in Egypt, more specifically, the Dielectric Scanner, Mechanical interventions with TuffTRAC and Mirage, and DeepLook Readings.

The Dielectric Scanner measurement brings new and unique information on rock properties and fluid distribution for advanced petrophysical interpretation, reservoir evaluation and reservoir management, through matrix textural determination. In addition, the tool provides an accurate radial profile of the close-borehole region. The clear-cut radial saturation and salinity determination separates moveable from non-moveable oil, especially for heavy oil reservoirs, depth of invasion and hydrocarbon saturation in fresh water zones. This helps in understanding the reservoir water dynamics and determines the virgin zone’s hydrocarbon saturation.

On the same note, the DeepLook technology changes the face of logging as we know it today by introducing reservoir measurements rather than borehole and near-well environment measurements.

Moreover, it expands the scale investigated by conventional logging to give the big picture for monitoring fluid distribution and movement as well as identifying bypassed pay zones on reservoir scale through DeepLook-EM* (Crosswell Electromagnetic Imaging) and DeepLook-CS (Crosswell Seismic Imaging). In addition, the DeepLook-CS measurement provides information on fracture mapping for exploration and development wells as well as fracture system orientations. The third service of the DeepLook family is the DeepLook-MRM (Microseismic Reservoir Monitoring) which provides continous real-time information about the stress changes in the reservoir caused by production and injection operations. Mapping these changes in both space and time provides a unique insight into the effect of pressure change on the lithological framework and associated movement of reservoir fluids.

DeepLook offers valuable information that benefits the oil companies in terms of optimum well spacing and placement for water/steam injection, optimized fracture design and costs as well as calibrating the earth model. The information supplies basis for different scenario testing of different reservoir management strategies; making it possible to examine the future before it happens and choose an optimal path for maximum reservoir profitability. 

In conclusion, the event accentuates Schlumberger’s ongoing commitment to aid & support operating companies in understanding their reservoir and optimizing hydrocarbon recovery.


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