Tarek El Molla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, discussed Egypt’s ongoing and future projects with David Welch, Bechtel’s President of the Europe, Africa, and Middle East region, according to a press release issued by the ministry. Talks covered oil, gas and petrochemicals and Bechtel’s ability to participate in their execution and other investment opportunities in Egypt.

The Minister of Petroleum stressed that there is currently an intensification exploratory work in line with the agreements signed during the last two years, totality 63 petroleum agreements in addition to the refining and petrochemical projects.

The Minister added that he discussed the possible participation of the Egyptian construction and engineering companies in the projects being carried out by Bechtel, whether inside Egypt or abroad, in both oil and energy activities in general.

According to State Information Services, Welch also indicated that Bechtel is looking to work in the infrastructure sector in Egypt. The company is further interested in assisting the Egyptian government in issues related to the application of coal-powered plants, and has been holding talks with the Ministry of Electricity regarding this matter.

For his part Welch presented the activities and projects currently being undertaken by Bechtel in Egypt, as well as the status of the north Alexandria project in the Mediterranean Sea. The project belongs to BP but Bechtel is the general contractor for the project.