Tanzania’s national power utility Tanesco recorded a loss of over $63.978m (Sh200m) in 2015, believed to be inflicted mainly due to illegal connections of power supply and evasion of power payments, occurring in the Arusha region alone, officials have said according to AllAfrica.

A Tanesco official regretted that the organisation continued to incur huge losses, which may impair capacities for supplying energy to consumers, as the lost revenues were needed for the maintenance of the damaged infrastructure.

Tanesco has recently conducted an impromptu power unit check on homesteads to identify non-payers, according to Citizen TV, among them were some famous people such as Wema Sepetu, the actress. At least 235 suspects have been arrested for defaulting power payment and they are facing vandalism charges. Another special operation against the defaulters is underway. “This exercise continues and we will proceed with arresting, shaming, and presenting before authorities the power payment defaulters,” a Tanesco’s statement read.