Tanzania to Invest $30b in Lindi Gas Plant

Tanzania to Invest $30b in Lindi Gas Plant

The Tanzanian government is planning to invest at least $30b in developing a gas processing plant in the Lindi region to boost the country’s economic recovery, All Africa reported.

The Tanzanian Minister for Energy and Minerals, Sospeter Muhongo said: “I would like to ensure Lindi residents and Tanzanians in general that our economy is going to grow at a high speed, we are going to invest at least $30b in the construction of gas processing plant.”

Tanzania needs to construct about 200 km of gas pipes leading from the sea to the plant, which will require a substantial amount of investment, expertise, and highly skilled labor.

According to Oil Review Africa, since the discovery of natural gas in Tanzania, the country’s economy has seen tremendous growth, with 70% of power generation coming from gas.


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