South Yaran Oil Field Capacity Reaches 25,000 bbl/d

South Yaran Oil Field Capacity Reaches 25,000 bbl/d

The daily production capacity of the South Yaran oil field, which Iran shares with Iraq in the West Karoun region, has reached 25,000 barrels per day (bbl/d) following the installation of a mobile oil separator (MOS) in the field, according to Tehran Times.

Director of the South Yaran oil field development project, Hamoun Kazemeini, maintains that the installation of this system has increased the field’s production capacity by at least 5,000 bbl/d.

The MOS system is the first of its kind in the West Karoun oil fields. Using this system will help achieve maximum production levels from the wells of this joint field.

According to Hamoun Kazemeini, all 12 wells of the South Yaran oil field are currently operational, with six more planned to go operational in South Yaran in the near future.

An MOS device separates gas from crude oil and pumps it to the pipeline during the drilling, repairing, acidizing, and testing of oil wells.

Yaran is one of the five oilfields known as West Karoun oilfields. It is comprised of two parts, North and South Yaran.


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