Eskom, the South African electricity public utility, informed that the resilience of the power system in the country was stress tested following multiple trips of units at three power stations resulting in a loss of 3.535MW, All Africa reported.

“No load shedding was implemented due to the increased resilience that Eskom has built into the power system over the past eight months,” the power utility added.

According to a statement published by the South African Government News Agency, due to the interconnectedness of the power system, an earth fault at the high voltage yard at Tutuka power station had resulted in three units of the Majuba power station and two units at Drakensberg Pumped Storage being offline. At a separate and unrelated incident, Tutuka unit 3 also tripped.

It was also reported that one Majuba unit, two Drakensberg units, and one Tutuka unit have since been brought back on the grid. In addition, Matla unit 1, Grootvlei unit 4, and Camden unit 5, that were undergoing maintenance were returned to service to support the grid.