Solo Oil has completed site preparations for the Ntorya-2 appraisal well, Stock Market Wire reported. The majority of other well services have also been contracted. Therefore, Solo estimates that the Ntorya-2 appraisal well will spud in December 2016.

Tanzania’s Ntorya discovery is located 20km from the Mtwara-Dar es Salaam gas pipeline. Solo holds a 25% interest in the Ruvuma petroleum sharing agreement which contains the Ntorya gas condensate discovery made in 2012 with the Ntorya-1 well at a production rate of 20.1mcf/d of gas and 139b/d of condensate, according to Ecofin Agency.

UK’s Senergy Limited credited the Ntorya-1 well with gross 153bcf of gas in place, of which 70bcf are considered gross best estimate contingent resources. A further gross best estimate of undiscovered gas in place of over 1tcf  is attributed to the Ntorya Prospect as a whole and is the target of the Ntorya-2 well which is being drilled updip and in a thicker part of the sand body interpreted on the 2014 seismic data acquired to facilitate appraisal.