Solarize Egypt, operating in solar energy, plans to implement solar power projects with capacities of 15 MW in 2017, compared to its 4 MW plan in 2016, Solarize’s CEO, Yaseen Abdel Ghaffar, told  Al Mal newspaper.

Abdel Ghaffar said his firm aims to seize projects in four countries in 2017 as part of its expansion plan, adding that Solarize maps a new strategy every year and achieves annual growth of 300%.

He pointed out that his company plans to generate sales totaling EGP 37m in the current year, against EGP 1.5m in 2015, adding that the company sealed agreements on projects and sales during January and February accounting for 75% of its targets. Solarize Egypt has signed agreements to carry out solar energy projects with capacities of 1,500kW since the beginning of 2016, the CEO added.

Solar power is the energy of the future given its sustainability and being inexpensive on the long run, Abdel Ghaffar argued, adding Egypt is in a dire need of solutions to save national grid, and the Egyptian market is attractive to investments.