Siemens sponsors Enppi football club

Siemens announced yesterday in a press conference held at Fairmont Towers Heliopolis the sponsorship signature of Enppi football club.

The contract between Siemens and Enppi extends for a year and half for marketing the international company by not just having their logo on Enppi’s jersey. Moreover, Siemens will be the club’s sponsor. Hence, Enppi will be the second club ever to be sponsored by Siemens after the Spanish club Real Madrid which was sponsored two years ago.

“The sponsoring deal with the German company is a significant step forward as it will provide foreign currency to assist the team’s development in the coming period,” Maged Nagaty,president of Enppi club, said during the signature ceremony.

“I promise that Enppi will witness a big leap in the coming period, especially after this contract, being sponsored by a multinational entity as Siemens will surely assist the clubs position in the league.”

On the other hand, Nagaty stressed that the style of the team‘s jersey will be completely changed. He assured that Siemens’ logo will replace the team’s name while the logo of the team will be printed on the left side of the shirt.

“The company has teamed up Enppi team because of its close link to the company’s activities and working in the field of energy,” Eng. Mohamed El-Mahdy, President and CEO of Siemens Egypt, declared.

As for Eng. Emad Ghaly, President of the Renewable Energy and Oil & Gas in Siemens, pointed out that the idea of sponsoring the team came during the last  Egypt Oil & Gas Ramadan Petroleum Soccer tournament Siemens took part in. He also added, the important role Siemens plays in the Oil & Gas sector globally and espacially in Egypt, and the value of not just partnering with oil & gas companies in their operations but also into sponsoring one of their major soccer teams.

El-Mahdy added that the selection of sponsorship of any activity depends on its association with the activities of Siemens.


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