Shell Lubricants Egypt’s MD, Saher Hashem, stated that the company plans to increase its production capacity to 100m liter of motor oil, he told Daily News Egypt in an exclusive interview.

As he continued, “we began implementing the plan to develop the factory and increase its production capacity to exceed 100m liters of motor oil in the coming years.”

He also said that there is great potential for the growth of the automotive oils market in Egypt. Shell Lubricants Egypt’s “ambition for the industrial sector in the country is to push forward oil consumption to rates higher than the currently prevailing rates.”

As for the oil market in Egypt, Shell’s share exceeds 17% of the total value of the market.

Saher Hashem noted that Shell is “currently focusing on meeting local market needs of oil,” therefore, “the process of exporting our production abroad is not currently our goal, but it is within our future plans.”