SDX Announced Gas Find in South Disouq Concession

SDX Announced Gas Find in South Disouq Concession

SDX Energy Incorporation announced that drilling on the carried SD-1X well at its South Disouq concession, where it operates and holds a 55% equity interest, has reached its first target depth, Your Oil and Gas News  informed.

In addition, SDX Energy said that the well hit its first target depth of 2,370m, encountering close to 20m of net gas pay in the upper Abu-Madi section. Drilling will continue in order to study the underlying Abu Roash and AEB layers, which are believed to be oil-bearing, according to The Oil&Gas Year.

SDX’  CEO, Paul Welch, commented “It is clearly very encouraging to have made a gas discovery at the first of SD-1X’s target intervals. The 3D seismic data acquired and interpreted over the South Disouq concession has provided a very accurate view of the subsurface as the target interval has come in on prognosis. This provides us with additional encouragement for the deeper horizons where we are targeting oil. Any production testing of the Abu Madi or one of the deeper horizons will be undertaken after drilling operations have been completed and the rig has moved off location.”

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