Rashpetco – Burullus: advanced geophysical technology in Sequoia field

The West Delta Deep Marine (WDDM) & Rosetta concessions, offshore Nile Delta, have seen prolific exploration and development projects since the Mid 1990’s. a significant proportion of Egypt’s domestic gas supply is produced from these concessions, operated by Rashpetco/Burullus on behalf of the partners EGAS, BG, Petronas and Edison.

The Sequoia development consists of the drilling and tie-back of six new development wells in a large gas field on the western side of the WDDM and Rosetta Concessions. The field straddles both concessions and as a consequences the development is a joint project between two different partner groups, each of which has its own separate facilities, export route and market sales.

The Sequoia field is covered by a state-of the art high density, long offset 3D dataset. An Elastic Impedance Inversion project was undertaken by CGG with a variety of geophysical cubes being produced, e.g., Poisson Ratio, RHOB, Facies. The integration of these seismic volumes with the existing E&A well data and through understanding of the geology of these Pliocene turbidite channels has allowed precise targeting of the six development wells to meet the targets and objectives for efficient reservoir development and productivity.


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