The Ministries of Electricity and Petroleum announced that the recent significant rise in temperature and humidity taking place in the country has led to an unprecedented increase in demand for electricity consumption and increased loads.

Consequently, the two ministries call on the masses of citizens to work harder at rationalizing consumption during the remainder of the month of August and to contribute to the continued success of the two ministries in providing for summertime power needs as before.

The two ministries have done their part supplying electricity, and the continuation of this success demands citizen participation as the third pillar of the rationalization system. Without this, rising energy demands could lead to blackouts.

Not to forget that without rationalization the state is faced with an insurmountable financial burden in the form of the foreign exchange used to purchase the quantities of natural gas, fuel oil, and diesel to run existing power stations, as well as maintain and build new stations, all of which represent the people’s wealth.

This joint press release adds that the electricity load on Wednesday exceeded the record high of 29,000MW compared to the average of 24,000MW from the previous year, a 5,000MW rise. This has resulted in more fuel consumption, reaching the unprecedented figure of 146 mcm equivalent of gas, diesel, and fuel oil.

This press release emphasizes that the concept of rationalization of electricity consumption is not intended simply to reduce consumption, but to optimize the use of resources, whether electricity or petroleum, to avoid waste without compromising the comfort of users and help reduce financial burdens.

The joint statement underlines that rationalization has become a necessity and that all are responsible for maintaining the capabilities and the wealth of the country.
The statement appeals to all citizens to postpone unnecessary loads during peak periods (from approximately 18:00 to 22:00) as well as to rationalize air condition use during this period whenever possible and use LED energy-saving bulbs.

Adjusting the air conditioning temperature above 25 ° C is another avenue worth pursuing.

Rationalization helps citizens reduce the size of their electricity bill while also easing the load on the unified electric grid.