Australia’s Po Valley Energy Limited has received full environmental approval from the Italian government for the Selva Malvezzi, and Teodorico natural gas field production concession in Northern Italy, according to Po Valley Energy’s press release.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of Teodorico and Selva are approved and signed by the Ministry of Ecological Transition and the Ministry of Culture.

Selva is an onshore natural gas field and an application will be made for INTESA  between the regional and the national government and following this step the company can move toward grant of final production concession, while Teodorico is an offshore natural gas field and did not require INTESA.

The documentation will be completed and sent to Italian authority for the final production concession during June.

It is worth noting that Selva field is located in east of Bologna and prepared for production in mid of 2022, while Teodorica field is located in shallow east coast waters of the northern Adriatic Sea.