Alexandria Petroleum Maintenance Company (Petromaint) announced a new landmark achievement as the company’s Iraqi branch acquired its third contract for 2021. In addition, Petromaint successfully finalized cooperation agreements with SKY and IREM Egypt.

Regarding Petromaint’s Iraq deal, the acquired contract aims to provide 107 employees of Basra Oil Company with specialized technical and administrative training courses for ExxonMobil in Iraq. The contract came in line with the directions of  Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Tarek El Molla to excel in finalizing contracts and implementing important projects outside of the Arab Republic of Egypt. Petromaint’s Chairman and Managing Director Ahmed Fouad, signed the Iraq contract at the company’s headquarters in Cairo.

Seeking to expand its cooperation with the private sector, Petromaint’s deal with IREM and SKY is also a significant milestone. IREM Egypt has a lot to offer as a company that has expertise in mechanical and electrical installations as well as proven success in the construction of refineries, petrochemicals, gas stations, and power stations. IREM Egypt’s shares are owned by both SKY Group and IREM Italy.