The Ministry of Petroleum will increase butane supplies to 1.1m butane gas cylinders on a daily basis in June and July, reported state-owned news agency MENA Monday.

The increase in gas supplies is to cover citizens’ needs during Ramadan.

The supply rise marks a 10% increase in butane gas cylinders provided by the ministry compared to the same period last year.

In addition to the constancy of the domestic production of LPG, an importation program started to cover the quantities needed across the country in this period, said Petrogas Chairman Adel Al-Shouikh.

He further added that the butane gas filling factories will operate with full capacity, noting that all needed maintenance work has been completed in advance of Ramadan.

Regarding this increase in butane gas cylinders supply, former Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC) Vice Chairman Medhat Youssef told Daily News Egypt that the petroleum ministry targets such preparation to reassure the public.

The butane consumption in summer usually varies from 950,000 to 1m cylinders, whereas this number increases to reach approximately 1.350m in winter, due to the rise in consumption of hot waterfrom butane cylinder-powered heaters.

Youssef said, however, that the butane gas consumption does not significantly rise in Ramadan, but sees only a slight increase of 3% or 4%. This is still amongst the production capacity of the ministry that reaches 1.350m cylinder, according to Youssef.

He added that Egypt’s consumption of butane gas in the summer, whether Ramadan or not, does not reach 1.1 million cylinder. The main target of this approach is to eliminate rumours regarding deficit in supply of LPG that make people increase their consumption and store more cylinders than they need creating a real problem, said Youssef.

Source: Daily News Egypt