Egyptian Minister of Petroleum Sherif Ismail announced that Egypt will choose a local investment bank during the third quarter of the current year to list 3 companies on EGX before the end of 2015, reported Reuters. “During this quarter we are going to contract a local investment bank that will begin listing the companies, with the intention of completing the listing process before the end of this year,” explained Ismail, “We agreed to put up four companies in EGX for starters. They are Misr Oil Processing and Fertilizers Company (MOPCO), Middle East Oil Refinery company (MIDOR), Nile Marketing, and Gas Cool,” he added. The decision, was initially announced  last April where MOPCO was registered. MIDOR’s assets are estimated at EGP 8.61bn, while Gas Cool’s assets are estimated at EGP 125.5m, Nile Marketing’s assets are totaled at EGP 50m, and MOPCO for EGP 2.3bn. On a related note Ismail said that MIDOR needs nearly EGP 11bn to finance its expansion, adding that an agreement was reached with Italian financers to fund 85% of the needed amount, while the remaining EGP 1.5bn will be financed through the stock exchange. Ismail concluded with his hope to include more companies from the petroleum sector on the stock market once these four companies are listed.