The petroleum sector has started producing cotton face masks through Suez Safety Outfitter (SSO) according to the highest standards after introducing some samples and obtaining a license from the Egyptian Organization for Standardization and Quality, a press release reported.

For his side, Hazem Lotfy, the Chairman of SSO, said that the company had requested from the ministry an approval to produce the masks according to international standards. He elaborated that his company will make these masks of 100% cotton fabric and apply the sustainability conditions to be used and washed for at least 25 times. It will be free of any heavy metals or unsafe colors.

Lotfy added that the trial production of the masks has been initiated and the production line has been prepared, noting that the company is receiving orders of needed quantities of masks for petroleum companies to be produced in the upcoming days. He pointed out that the company will produce masks for  Egyptian market after covering the petroleum sector needs.

It is worth noting that the petroleum marketing companies are exerting more efforts since coronavirus outbreak to fulfill the local market needs of sanitizers and Ethelyn Alcohol 70%.