Petroleum Minister Monitors Progress of New Petrochemical Projects

Petroleum Minister Monitors Progress of New Petrochemical Projects

Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Tarek El Molla has reviewed the progress of new petrochemical projects, emphasizing that the investment map for these projects took into account the addition of new green and environmentally friendly products that would increase total production, which reached more than 4.3 million tons during the last fiscal year.

New production facilities and materials provide some of what is imported from abroad, such as soda ash, silicon derivatives, methanol, and green energy projects with their economic and environmental dimensions, such as the wood technology project and its manufacture from rice straw, bio-methanol, and green ammonia, which supports the goals of the bio-petrochemical industry in achieving sustainable development and promoting economic growth.

Within the framework of updating the national plan for the petrochemical industry until 2040, in accordance with the market’s requirements and needs for petrochemical products and exporting the surplus, the Silicon and Derivatives Complex and Soda Ash Production Projects were put into operation on the land of the Egyptian Petrochemical Holdings Company in the industrial zone in New Alamein City.

The Egyptian Soda Ash Company was also established with the aim of producing sodium carbonate (Soda Ash) and its derivatives with a production capacity of about 600,000 tons annually, which contributes to maximizing the added value of the mineral resources available locally.

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