Petroleum Minister Inaugurates 2 Natural Gas Stations in Suez

Petroleum Minister Inaugurates 2 Natural Gas Stations in Suez

Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Tarek El Molla has inaugurated two new natural gas filling stations in the Suez Governorate, both of which belong to Gastec.

The first station is the Gastec-Misr Petroleum station on Salah Nessim Road, while the second station is in the Arbaeen neighborhood, in cooperation with the Social and Healthcare Fund, which provides services for members of the police force and their families.

This comes within the framework of the strategy of the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources (MoPMR) for the continuous spread of stations for filling cars with natural gas on various roads and axes.

El Molla further inspected the services of the mobile center for converting cars to run on gas. The minister confirmed after the opening and inspection of the stations’ services that these stations, which the petroleum sector continuously opens on various roads and axes, have made it easier for citizens to benefit from gas in cars as a fuel that is less expensive and more economical for its users.

El Molla noted that the expansion of the petroleum sector in establishing gas supply stations comes to encourage and motivate citizens to convert their cars and make it easier for them.

The Minister called on users and companies to benefit from the services of mobile centers for converting cars to run on gas provided by the petroleum sector to facilitate those who wish and support increasing conversion rates to natural gas.

During his review of the capabilities of the two stations, Abdel Fattah Farahat, Gastec Chairman, explained that the company increased the number of its stations to serve the Suez Governorate to 11 stations in the name of the company.

The station that was opened on Salah Nassim Street in Suez is one of the largest stations and is capable of serving 2,000 cars per day for gas supply through 12 fueling points at the station, which has a capacity of 1,600 cubic meters per hour.

Meanwhile, the second station was operated to provide its services in supplying cars with gas through six supply points to about 1,000 cars per day and with an operating capacity of 800 cubic meters per hour.

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