Oman Shipping Company has organised an event to name two medium range (MR) tankers for petroleum products, reported the Times of Oman.

They will be christened Muscat Silver and Rustaq Silver, under the patronage of Wisam Al Najjar, the company’s general manager of corporate affairs.

These are the first two tankers of the ten MR tankers to be built under Project Silver, contracted between Oman Shipping and Shell International Trading and Shipping Company. The event coincided with the Sultanate’s 45th National Day celebration.

According to Gulf Base the vessels have been built by Hyundai Mipo and the event included a touring of the fleet with a detailed explanation on various devices and control equipment.

Wisam Al Najjar said that the choice of Shell International to transport their products from oil derivatives on board Oman Shipping’s tankers is evidence of the confidence of the world’s major companies in Oman Shipping.

“The achievements of the Oman Shipping’s come from the government vision in strengthening the pillars of Oman’s national economy and diversifying sources of national income,” added Al Najjar.

The latest two tankers enjoy advanced features in terms of fuel consumption and environment protection that result in low carbon dioxide emissions. Technical management and operations of the vessels goes to Oman Ship Management Company (OSMC), a subsidiary of Oman Shipping.

The Muscat Silver and Rustaq Silver are both 183 metres in length and 32.2 metres wide, with a depth of 19.1 metres. Each tanker’s capacity is 37,900 metric tons.