Speaking at the Third Arab Forum on the Prospects of Nuclear Power for Electricity Generation and Seawater Desalination being held in Manama, Assistant Secretary General of the Arab Union of Electricity, Mohamed Al Sadeqi, said that Saudi Arabia’s and UAE’s ambitious nuclear power programs could benefit all members in the region due to increasing energy interconnectivity,  Utilities ME reported.

Bahrain’s Energy Minister Dr. Abdulhussain Mirza, said that nuclear power has proven its reliability in terms of safety and security, being free of greenhouse gas emissions, and competitive in costs. He added that alternative sources of energy should also be pursued, Bahrain News Agency reported.

The minister explained that the region has a desire to ensure its energy self-sufficiency via a peaceful use of nuclear energy with an aim of meeting growing energy demand amid depletion of natural resources.

Al Sadeqi promoted nuclear power longevity in comparison to conventional fossil fuels, but added that Bahrain is not yet ready to build a nuclear power complex.


According to AlBawaba, there are more than 438 nuclear plants in 31 countries worldwide; however, only four Arab states have a clear nuclear program, among them Egypt and Jordan.