Norway’s oil and gas biggest Unions are threatening with a strike –that would affect eight North Sea platforms run by Royal Dutch Shell– if the companies do not meet their expectations over wages and working conditions for offshore workers. As oil investment in the country is projected to drop again in 2017 for the third year in a row, the specter of a massive offshore workers’ strike looms large, Bloomberg reported.

As Reuters remembered, in 2012, a 16-day strike among some of Norway’s oil workers cut the country’s output of crude by about 13% and its natural gas production by about 4%.

Wage talks between Norwegian oil companies and their employees broke down and the two sides will go to a State mediator to try to resolve their differences. In fact, Norway’s oil companies and the industry’s biggest Union had set aside two days to negotiate; instead, the talks broke down after less than a minute. The failure shows the width of the gap that will need to be bridged in state-backed mediation, Oil Price wrote.