Nigeria will establish a new oil and gas free zone that is promoted by Awaritse Nigeria Limited, which is willing and ready to do its best to deliver it, Oil and Gas Free Zones Authority’s Managing Director, Umana Umana, stated, reported Nigeria’s the Daily Times.

Umana pointed out that the free zone would be for upstream as well as downstream oil and gas activities and that it is a 100% Nigerian initiative. Umana said that he is hoping the Koko Port, located near the free zone’s site, would be integrated into the zone in the near future. The proposed free zone is to be located in Okitigbo in Warri North of Delta State, reported Nigeria’s Premium Times.

Furthermore, Umana, requested Awaritse Nigeria Limited to be ready to comply with a set of requirements from the Oil and Gas Free Zones Authority in order to encourage it to submit a request to President, Muhammadu Buhari, for the final approval of an operational license.