Nigeria: ExxonMobil Announces Force Majeure on Oil Exports

Nigeria: ExxonMobil Announces Force Majeure on Oil Exports

ExxonMobil subsidiary Mobil Producing Nigeria has announced a force majeure on exports of the country’s largest export stream, Qua Iboe crude oil, according to a company’s spokesman. The Daily Mail reported that ExxonMobil’s announcement came as a result of observing a “system anomaly” during a routine examination on its loading facility. The spokesman noted that the Qua Iboe terminal continues its operating and production activities, affirming that “we are working to ensure loading activities at the facility return to normal. We cannot speculate on any timeline for repairs,” according to Reuters.

The OPEC member has witnessed a series of attacks from militants of the Niger Delta Avenger group, pushing production in spring to 30-year lows, which eventually brought the country’s crude oil output at risk.

ExxonMobil, however, clarified that the force majeure has no connection with militant attacks.

 Exxon has also earlier denied claims by the Niger Delta Avengers that the militant group had blown up the Qua Iboe 48″ crude oil export pipeline operated by the company.


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