National Bank of Egypt and Tri-Ocean to enter Ghana

The National Bank of Egypt and Tri-Ocean Oil company enter Ghana as Egyptian companies try to strengthen their investments in the oil-rich African country “National bank of Egypt and Tri-Ocean Oil Company are the newcomers to the Ghanaian market,” announced Vice Chairman of the General Authority for Investments and Free Trade zones (GAFI) Neveen El Shafei, during the opening of the Ghana-Egypt Trade and Investment Seminar.

“National bank of Egypt and Tri-Ocean Oil Company are new the comers in Ghanaian market”, announces Neveen El Shafei, Vice Chairman of General Authority for Investments and free trade zones (GAFI) during the opening of Ghana-Egypt Trade and Investment Seminar on “Investment Opportunities in Ghana”, Wednesday morning.

On his part, George Aboagye, chief executive officer at the ministry of trade, says Ghana is more and more becoming an investment friendly country. It`s becoming one of Africa’s most political stable country, with a total GDP of $44 billion, compared to 15 or 14 in the past, and inflation rates are shrinking.

‘There is a lot of investment opportunities for Egypt in Ghana. We wish that you consider them seriously’ he said.

He has also pointed to the main sectors of investment in Ghana ‘Oil and Gas services are of a first priority. In the second place comes energy sector especially electricity. There is also infrastructure such as roads and public housing, noting that we have a deficit of .

5 billion and a shortage of 500,000 units in this sector’ he adds ‘Other areas include agriculture, property development, rail transport , agro processing, manufacturing and industry, tourism, information and communication technology and financial services’



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