A summary of last week’s major macroeconomic updates and indicators brought to you on one page for your convenience.

November 19 to November 25 Coverage:

CAPMAS revealed that the trade exchange value between Egypt and COMESA countries increased by 32.2% in 2018.

Trade exchange value between Egypt and the Community of Sahel–Saharan States increased by 11.9% in 2018, according to CAPMAS.

Trade exchange value between Egypt and the Nile Basin countries increased by 25.4% in 2018, CAPMAS reported.

The Ministry of Finance completed the preparation of a unified budget form for the ‘Programs and Performance’ and ‘Program Matrix,’ in cooperation with the MPMAR.

EBRD revealed that Egypt is its primary market destination in Africa and 71% of its finance is directed to Egypt’s private sector, according to Ahram gate.

Egypt recorded improvements in five indicators: competitiveness, governance, green economy, flexibility, and integration, according to EBRD’s Transition Report 2019/20, the MPMAR’s Facebook page reported.