Drydocks World and Maritime World, a leading provider of maritime and offshore services to the shipping, oil, gas and energy sectors, marked the steel cutting ceremony of the Middle East’s first liquified natural gas (LNG) powered harbour tug ‘Elemarateyah.’

Held at the Drydocks World’s steel fabrication centre, the beginning of this project sets a regional first and demonstrates the firm’s  innovative approach to providing maritime and energy sector solutions, said a statement.

This landmark undertaking represents a major breakthrough in the future of green technology and sets the course towards a green economy for sustainable development, it said.

The large global reserves of gas and the energy efficiency of LNG fuel, compounded by stringent emissions standards, positions LNG as a commercially viable opportunity.

LNG fuel has almost double the energy content of marine diesel oil (MDO) fuel, with LNG approximately reducing emissions of mono nitrogen oxides (NOx) by 85% and carbon dioxide by 25%.

LNG as an alternative energy source is gaining momentum as the ‘fuel of the future’ among the global maritime community and Drydocks World strives to be a pioneer in implementing this green technology throughout their facilities.

Drydocks World is experienced in building tugs and is now modernising the yards tug operations through pioneering the LNG-power concept, with Elemarateyah due to be completed in May next year.

It will embark on this project with active participation from Wartsila supplying the main engine and with Tasneef providing their valued classification services.

Source: Trade Arabia