The Upper Egypt Electricity Distribution Company (UEEDC) has received three proposals from local companies to establish a solar energy station with a total capacity of 8 MW.

Alaa El-Din Abo El-Wafa, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of the UEEDC, said: “The companies which made the proposal are Al-Fouad Multi, El-Hoda For Agriculture Development, and Sun Infinite Energy.”

Al-Fouad Multi proposed establishing five solar energy stations with a capacity of 500 KW per station. El-Hoda for Agriculture Development, on the other hand, proposed building 10 solar energy projects with a capacity of 500 KW per project. Sun Infinite Energy meanwhile proposed establishing a solar energy station in Abo Tesht with a capacity of 500 KW.

The UEEDC is studying the three proposals before signing the contract to purchase the energy from these projects and link it to the national grid.

According to the chairman, the UEEDC can sign contracts to link the projects to the national grid with a capacity of 20 MW, as per instructions from the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy.

He added that the company does not suffer any power cut-offs, especially after the availability of many services on company’s website to report any damages or cut-offs and to read the electricity metre.

The company receives complaints and suggestions through its website or phone calls in all its branches, according to the chairman.

“A consumer can keep the metre readings for one or more metres, to ensure having a real reading for their consumption in order to avoid any false readings and to keep up with their monthly consumption,” added Abo El-Wafa

Abo El-Wafa said the company has launched a page on Facebook to offer technical support for its users in case of any inquiries or problems in usage. It also provided an e-guide on how to use the service in cooperation with the Egyptian Electric Utility and Consumer Protection Regulatory Agency.

Source: Daily News Egypt