Libya’s Oil Output Reached 3-Year High

Libya’s Oil Output Reached 3-Year High

Chairman of Libya’s National Oil Corporation’s (NOC), Mustafa Sanalla, announced that the country’s oil production has reach a three-year high of 708,000b/d, Libya Herald reported.

Sanalla comments came during his visit to Jalo oil production area in south east Libya. The increase came after major problems in Zawiya Oil Refinery were resolved, and after the reopening of Sharara oilfield that has a capacity of oil production at 330,000b/d, according to Libya Express. However, some reports indicate that Feel oilfield has not resumed production, which has a capacity of 90,000b/d.

During the visit, Sanalla discussed local development and environment issues in the region and said that the region suffered from huge neglect and needed the state to support it. He also laid the foundation stone to a local Petroleum Institute which he hoped would aid development and training in the region.

In related news, Brega Marketing, NOC’s fuel distribution company, announced that it was increasing diesel distribution by 2.5m liters in view of the cold weather and power cuts so as to meet increased demand for heating. Cooking gas cylinder distribution will also be increased. Moreover, the company said that it will also be initiating ‘’strong’’ anti-smuggling measures to prevent fuels going into the black market.


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