Libyan Oil Output Remains Under 400,000 Barrels per Day amid Instability

Libyan Oil Output Remains Under 400,000 Barrels per Day amid Instability

Libya’s crude oil production remains less than 400,000b/d, the Tripoli-based National Oil Corporation (NOC) announced, according to Arab News. The NOC operates many of the fields and facilities which have come under attacks by insurgents in recent months.

Libya’s oil output has fallen sharply since the beginning of Libya’s instability and civil war – from 1.6mb/d to 400,000b/d today. While treaties have been signed to reunify the country, insurgents continue to attack key government infrastructure.

Violence and political instability has led to a number of facilities closing. Es Sider and Ras Lanuf, Libya’s biggest oil ports, have been closed for more than a year. Recently, Ras Lanuf was the target of a suicide bombing and Es Sider was attacked by long-range shelling – leading to major fires on oil tankers, News Daily reported. In early January, Benghazi’s largest power plant was attacked and caught fire, Reuters wrote.

The Petroleum Facilities Guard said that three boats had tried to storm the oil port of Zueitina and the guards repelled the attack, hitting one of the vessels and setting it on fire. The NOC spokesperson, Mohamed Al-Harari, denied the reports and stated that “We have not received any reports from the industrial security unit stating any security breaches, but we don’t know if something happened outside the fence of the port and its facilities.”

In a separate incident, reports surfaced of a gunfire attack on the oil port of Mellitah, which required the evaluation of personnel. It remains unclear which groups are responsible for these incidents.


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