A blockade of oil and gas facilities in Libya has resulted in severe financial losses totaling $4,087,913,653 since mid January, according to a press release.

National Oil Company (NOC) facilities were shut down on January 17 due to blockade launched by factions loyal to eastern commander Khalifa Haftar. The Zawiya refinery was shutdown as a result of these blockades and since then,  NOC has had to increase imports to meet people’s basic needs. Most oil and gas storage tanks are damaged and cannot be used.

Total oil production inside Libya is down to 80,510 barrels a day (bbl/d), as of April 13, 2020. This represents a huge drop in  production which was at 284,153 bbl/d on January 17.

NOC is calling for an end to the blockade so that oil production can restart and thus enable all Libyans to benefit from a more steady supply of fuels and a stronger economy.